The Erthn Journey

The idea for Erthn started in the beginning of 2016, when my husband, children and I had returned from an 11,000 kilometre journey across Australia. This was an entire month of travelling, and we settled into this beautiful way of no schedules, or agendas, we just stopped where we wanted to and followed what sounded interesting.

When we returned, I felt different. I wanted to live more like this. I looked at my life & realised it wasn’t fulfilling me the way it used to. I also realised it was time to follow what made me passionate & alive.

This started with the Erthn clothing range. I had a folder of designs hidden away that I had been working on. I finally took the plunge and offered this design to my friends and family. I started with a crowdfunding platform and a range of organic & recycled tees, jumpers & dresses. Although we did not hit our target, we had enough orders to launch the range in August 2016.

Although I learnt a lot about the process and enjoyed playing with this range, deep down I knew this was not for me.  I was looking for something more transformative, deeper and aligned with who I am as a person.  I was happy to have tried something new and began looking for something that made me feel good on the inside too.

At this time, I was playing with ideas in regards to manifesting.  On a whim, I popped together one day a list of 52 items I wanted to manifest in the next year. And crazily, I started to see these all happen around me. I had a vague idea of putting together a book with illustrations but had no idea how to make this happen. On a whim, I contacted an artist I saw on Instagram & suggested we pop together a diary. It turned out Natalie (the artist) actually lived 3 hours away from me and had a list of ideas that she wanted to put into her own diary some day. Aaaaah manifesting at it’s finest.

We started working on ideas including her beautiful drawings & my manifesting list and put together the “2017 Magic Manifesting Diary for Free Flowing Adventures”.

This beautiful diary had a few ideas Natalie and I had picked up about manifesting, about using your intuition, energy and how to cleanse your space. I really had a lot of fun just popping together all the different tips I had picked up along my journey.

We sold 300 diaries around the world from America, to Norway to France and Spain. In March 2017, our diary sales slowed down. We realised diaries have this beautiful cycle of Nov – Feb. We started hearing back from those who bought the diary & how much they loved it, especially the information within it.

I had never thought of writing a spiritual book.  And yet I wondered what I could do with all these beautiful ideas & images that we came up with in the diary. I also assumed quite a bit of knowledge in the diary and wanted to find a way I could explain all the concepts I touched on properly. As I talked to Natalie about my ideas, I realised I really wanted to share my story, about how I learnt what I have about healing my body, trusting my instincts and living a life filled with meaning.

Thus began the story of “The Intuitive Soul’s Activity Book”. This story was even more personal, as I explained about the stress disorder that affected me in 2014 and how I had to change the way I looked at what was important to me and how to heal my body and, even moreso, the way I looked at myself.

This book was launched in September, 2017. It is a heartfelt journey through my experiences and sharing all the activities that helped me heal & grow.  You can find out more about my journey here.

Where I see Erthn headed?

I just love creating things that feel beautiful and meaningful.  Whether this is books or clothing, cards or diaries.  I find the joy in taking the road unknown and following what makes me feel happy.  Who knows where this may go next, but I am having fun along the way.

I hope the story of my journey will help others learn to trust themselves, listen to their soul & take the leap into what makes them feel good.