Magic Manifesting Life Guide (Free Worksheet)

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I am an optimist. I believe when you put desires out into the world, they have a crazy way of coming back and landing in your world.

Two years ago, I put together a manifesting list with a whole heap of goodies that I wanted to see land in my world….

Learn to ride a motorbike, get a tattoo, go on a girls roadtrip…. and one I didn’t think much of at the time was to put together a book with illustrations & publish it.

About 4 weeks later, I saw a chick on instagram who had some really cool illustrations. On a whim, I messaged her and asked if she would be interested in doing a book together. As I typed the word book, for some reason I felt the need to delete the word book and replace it with the word diary.

Turns out this chickadee, Natalie, was not only an illustrator, but had about 1 week before put out to the universe she wanted to do a diary with the help of someone else and she lived only 3 hours away.

I don’t know how this stuff works, but within 6 weeks we released our 2017 Magic Manifesting Diary.

We were both surprised over the year, just how many of our desires ended up landing into our world.

Which got me thinking, What if we could manifest the lifestyle we were desiring. What if ramp this up and put out to the universe your ideal home, friendships, adventures… What would happen?

This worksheet covers 6 of these areas for you to craft out your own desires including:

  • friendships,
  • adventures,
  • family,
  • your body,
  • spirituality
  • and your life vision.

Each page includes beautiful hand drawn images by the incredibly talented Natalie O’Brien and the worksheet will be available to download immediately.

Wherever you are in your life, dream big, live loud & believe all things are possible…. Create your life, one that inspires you and allows you to grow xxxx

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