Cloud Ride Meditation Series for Children


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  • This CD consists of a series of relaxing inward journeys, designed to open the imagination and tap into the creativity of every child.
  • Perfect for the busy classroom and home.
  • There are four 10 minute adventures that have been extensively tested and modified with hundreds of children.
  • Each has the right amount of stimulation to keep up children’s interest, while providing them skills to slow down and tap into their own imaginations.
  • Includes activities and discussion questions.
  • Includes free postage.

“This enchanting and empowering CD series is a must for every parent, teacher and child.  Donna has skillfully produced a masterpiece that will delight, soothe and inspire the listener.  Utilising knowledge about the brain, the subconscious mind and the individual learning styles, Donna has created magical meditations that will appeal to every child and provide wonderful psychological, emotional and behavioural benefits.”

Caroline Crosbie

MA Psych, Dip Prof Counselling, CertEFT CertNLP CertDISC; Parent


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