Universe to do list

Have you felt overwhelmed at any stage by just how much needed to be done in your life?

This is a beautiful activity, where you consciously hand control over to the universe.

Get a piece of paper & jot down all the things you are happy for the universe to look after.

This can be anything that is outside of your control, fresh ideas on how to tackle issues in your life or anything that has been on your to do list for a while that hasn’t happened for one reason or another.

I found when I released these back to the universe, these ‘jobs’ were either voluntarily done for me by someone else, solutions flew into my head randomly or the issue was resolved on it’s own.

The joy came not from completing these tasks but actually watching how they ended up happening & how easily it came together.

I find there is generally a reason why our ‘to do’ items have not been done yet.

Hand them over the universe & unburden yourself.

Shannon Cox is an Australian author who was diagnosed with a stress disorder in 2013 leaving her unable to walk. With no medical solutions on how to fix this, she began researching alternative options when she stumbled upon kinesiology and Energy Medicine. What she thought would be a method of healing her body, turned out to be a range of activities connecting her with her intuition and healing herself.


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