The Intuitive Soul’s Activity Book

Ready to connect with your intuition?

There are so many ways to work with your abilities however the best way is to play in what you are curious about.  This collection is a range of fun activities and ways to test your psychic muscle.  There are games which help you work with your intuitive style (ie clair-audient, or empath for example).  There are ways to calm your nervous system which you can help you hear clearer and there are also numerous activities in a wide range of fields, so you can find your style and really hone your skills.

  • Chakra Cleansing – Simple ways to be aware of your own energy and how you can clean your space.
  • Energy Testing – Figure out what your body feels about certain foods, connect to your energetic body and learn how to release emotions/blockages/feelings that are no longer serving you.
  • Past Lives – Want to learn more about who you are?  We have a number of activities that can help you connect with your past & figure out how this connects with your actions in this life.
  • Cleanse your space – Whether it is adding intentions, cleaning dead energy or reclaiming your space, you will find ways to help you sense and understand how you can affect the energy around you.
  • Healing Temple – This is where you can create an energectic space to heal yourself.

PLUS SO MUCH MORE:  Energy Protection, Pendulums, Oracle Cards, Meditation, Spirit Guides, Intentions, Automatic Writing, Psychic cords, Soul purpose….

This simple guide has one subject per page with beautiful illustrations to help you enjoy and relax during each lesson.




This activity book can be used either as a beginners introduction to feeling energy, growing your intuition and connecting with your soul purpose.  You can also use this book like an oracle deck where you can flick to whatever page you need today, at this moment or this week.


I loved the warm open approach of this book. It’s beautifully presented and a pleasure to read. If you’re curious about what intuition is, or want to build up a toolkit of practical tips to help you get the most from your intuition, then this book is most definitely for you.  Each chapter is packed full of practical tips and exercises that tempt you to explore more, complimented with beautiful illustrations to support the text. I’ve learnt a lot from this book and I hope you do too.

Anne Watkins

“….. it was clear that this book aimed to deliver not only interesting content but also practical, real-world tools that the reader is able to takeaway with them…..  My hope is that you will find this (book) as enlightening and useful and that you experience the authors heartfelt nature the resonates throughout the pages of this book.”

Heather LeGuilloux

“The drawings … are fantastic and fun. They are simple black & white drawings that really accentuate the simple and easy-going feel of this activity book. The illustrations are light-hearted and almost whimsical. “

Kelsee Hankins

Can’t wait?  Get your sneek peak here!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE what you are doing and it really speaks to me during a time when I need a boost! I wanted to get on your email list right away 🙂

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