Have fun with your intuition.

We got a whole heap of fun activities to hep you play & grow your intuition.

Psychic Cords

These are like hoses that psychically connect two people who then direct energy between each other. We are constantly creating cords with people & even animals & objects. These cords are not intentional, & whoever creates it, may be completely unaware it even exists. There are the gorgeous love cords filled with all that brings […]

Past Lives

  This exercise is a fun way to reconnect to your past lives & see what you can remember. The theory of reincarnation has existed for thousands of years, from ancient Greek, Celtic, Asian & Indian cultures. As you delve into your own past lives, you will find stories that explain many of your own […]


A very simple way to cleanse your spirit is with an oil burner and a selection of essential oils. This is also a method to access your energetic body and help with your healing process.  These essential oils have their own vibration and can assist your energetic body to heal. I simply hover my hand […]

Bath Time Rituals

A bath or shower is a chance for you to ditch all the shitty emotions that have arrived in your world that day. It is a simple way to cleanse, relax and clear your energy. This is a collection of all the different tools I have used over the years and found they have helped […]

Automatic Writing Beginner

I found that when I was looking for answers, I started writing words that did not sound like myself & yet they felt so reassuring and a depth of knowing in the words that came through. What was fascinating was the words came out in second person….. “You will find what you are looking for”. […]