“Hi, I am Shannon! I am a bubbly, outgoing, Australian mother of two, business owner and author.

I was born in Mackay, North Queensland and lived in the tropics during my childhood, moving to Brisbane in my late teens.  Now my husband, Shaun, and I own and manage a Steakhouse and Motel in Stanthorpe, and I also operate an online clothing design business called Erthn. We have two young children and life is pretty awesome.

I love adventures, travel, and am crazy passionate about theatre. I enjoy performing with my local theatre company, seeing live music and working on my clothing design biz.  I have had my share of set backs though. In 2013, my life changed dramatically when  I was diagnosed with a neurological stress disorder that affected my ability to walk.

I was in hospital for 5 days. My legs were not working, my bladder and bowels could not be controlled, and my whole body would shake when I became stressed. It was clear there was something very wrong with me, but my medical tests kept come back as normal. I was desperate for answers and I had a paralysing fear that no-one would be able to help me.

My doctors discovered that my nervous system was overloaded due to symptoms of stress and anxiety. The more anxious I became the worse my condition got.  The silver lining… Well the experience set me on a path to discover alternate ways to manage stress and anxiety, and to find more balance in life. I learnt how to access my intuition, how to release tension in my body, how to let go of limiting and negative self-beliefs. I learnt about myself and in doing that I helped myself heal.

I have recently self-published ‘The Intuitive Soul’s Activity Book’. It is a beginners guide to energy healing, connecting with your intuition and holistic health. It’s a light and fun book, you can even turn to a page that calls to you and enjoy a bitesized piece. I hope that it helps others, or sets them on a path of greater discovery. I would love to share more about it with you!”

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“I immediately felt eager to explore the practical tools this book had to offer in terms of identifying and fostering my own intuition and started by cleansing the space … I immediately felt a sense of ‘lightness’ in my body and surroundings and less burdened by the worries on my conscience.  The book was working already and I had hardly just begun!  I’m excited to continue to explore the tools and activities throughout this book as my intuition grows with experience.”
Heather LeGuilloux
Mental Health Blogger

“What I love about this book is that you can flip through it and read what ever appeals to you that day. There are lots of ideas of things to try….because lets face it, even though we all have an inner self and intuition, sometimes we just don’t know how to access it.

Most of us do not have hours to devote to this either… but opening a book and finding out some ways to forgive and release, or tap into your body can get you thinking differently quickly. The book touches on all kinds of alternative ways of thinking. And by alternative… I mean positive!  If you have ever been curious about chakras, crystals, manifesting and setting positive affirmations but didn’t want know where to start…then this book is for you. Shan covers everything in a fun and easy way.”
Pink Lilli, Blogger

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