Free 8 Day Mini Course on Manifesting Deeper Desires

The art of Manifesting can sometimes seem elusive.  Some of your desires may land in your world with ease, while others keep dancing around you never quite landing at your feet.

For those new to manifesting, this is all about the belief that whatever you ask for, will come to you.  The works on your desire being a vibrational match to yourself.  However sometimes we can have old energy, beliefs or mindsets that are no longer serving you.  In fact they could be holding back your desires from arriving!

Over the next 8 days we will be covering:

  • DAY 1 – MANIFESTING INTRODUCTION:  There are some key ingredients when we practise manifesting. These are the step by step instructions to manifesting what you desire.
  • DAY 2 – YOUR BODY: Working with your own energetic body & ways you can cleanse it.
  • DAY 3 – CLEANSING YOUR SPACE:  Feeling the energy within your space & how you can release old energy within it.
  • DAY 4 – UNIVERSE TO DO LIST: This is all about learning to ask for help & trust it will come.
  • DAY 5 – RELEASING BELIEFS:  Activities on ways you can release that which is no longer serving you.
  • DAY 6 – AUTOMATIC WRITING: Here are some easy ways for you to connect with your higher self while seeking guidance.
  • DAY 7 – INTUITIVE CARDS:  This is a fun activity to help you connect with your intuition.
  • DAY 8 – HONING IN ON YOUR DEEPER DESIRES:  Our last day!  We will visualise your deeper desires and ensure they are aligned with your soul.

Each day you will receive an email with a few activities covering the above subject with some ideas on how to get the most out of this.  I want you to feel as though you have the tools you need to connect with your intuition and feel guided on where to head with your journey.

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Shannon Cox is an Australian author who was diagnosed with a stress disorder in 2013 affecting her ability to walk. With no medical solutions on how to fix this, she began researching alternative options when she stumbled upon kinesiology and Energy Medicine. What she thought would be a method of healing her body, turned out to be a range of activities connecting her with her intuition and healing her whole self.





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