Let’s get started

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the very exciting world of intuition.

What is intuition?  This can be a niggly feeling that tells you something is not quite right, a moment where you feel like you know what is going to happen next, thinking of someone, just as the phone rings with them on the other end…. Basically where you are tapping into this world beyond your mind that has answers you didn’t have before.

Call it magic, call it psychic, call it gut instinct…..  Whatever you decide to call it, this is an amazing tool.

I have used this to help heal my body, to grow my self esteem, to figure out what is important to me, & how to stand true to what I believe.  But that is a whole other side story.

Today is about working with your intuition so you can not only grow your abilities, but also your self belief.  We have a whole toolkit of goodies to help you tune your craft.

So let’s get started!

  1.  Cleanse your space.  Oh there are so many ways to learn about intuition & this is one of the best.  As you begin to learn about the energy around you, you can start to notice how it affects you – both good and bad.  Best way to start is to clean your space.  Have a look at these goodies here for some ideas.  I would honestly recommend trying all of them so you can see what works for you and what doesn’t.  This is about being aware of subtle energies.  Pay attention to how the space felt before and after you cleanse and which ones work best for you.
  2. Cleanse you.  Time for an energetic spa and there are again so many ways you can cleanse your own energy.  A bath with epsom salts & lavender oil is a great start.  Also look at an aura cleanse and a chakra meditation.  Even just a great buff in the shower with a loofah can make a difference.  What we are doing is ditching any negative energies that are affecting you.  Once these are out of your space, it is much easier to hear your intuition.
  3. Connect.  Now you are ready to connect.  Again we have options.  You may wish to connect with your soul, your spirit guides, angels, the universe.  I know, I know, it can seem a bit overwhelming at times.  Which option makes you feel the most excited… the lightest or happiest?  Choose this.  Find a spot you will not be interrupted.  Light a candle, close the doors and sit for a few moments focusing on your breathing.  You may find you can start this conversation in your mind.  Not ready for this yet?  Try your hand at automatic writing or choose a guided medititation online.

Congratulations!  You have started playing with your intuition and becoming aware of energy around you.  Feel free to play, try different ideas and follow what excites you.  This journey is one of the most exciting.  You are connecting with your soul and as you will see there is no right or wrong answers, just whatever feels good for you.