Ideas on how to cleanse your energy

When you are having a shower or bath, cleanse your energy as well as your physical body. Here are some simple ideas to cleanse your energy:

BATH SALTS: You can get Epsom salts from the livestock or gardening centres for $20-$30 for 25kg. Add 2 cups to a bath with a few drops of lavender to relax. Epsom salts clears away any toxic, negative energy from your aura while the lavender allows your energetic system to relax.

NO BATH? Make your own Body scrub using epsom salts and your choice of carrier oil (I love almond, or coconut) and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Allow the salt to curate in the oil so it softens a bit first..

MUSIC: Try Binaural beats to help get yourself into a low Theta brainwave state. These are available on Youtube and Spotify.

VISUALISATION: Imagine the water coming out of the shower is white energising light restoring you to your natural, energetic, healthy version of yourself.

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