Cleanse your space

Create a home where you can relax and calm yourself while healing your spirit.

There are so many ways to cleanse your space. Each of these exercises affect the energy in their own unique way. See what you can feel before and after each of these activities.

Clean the unused space: Use the duster to move the old energy in your room. Dust your walls and the roof space, the corners of the room, wherever dead energy may settle. Try setting an intention while you do this.

Onions: Cut them in half and put anywhere that doesn’t feel quite right. Leave for 3-4 hours and then put in the bin. The onion absorbs any negative energy, so do not use these for cooking.

Fresh air and light: Open the windows and curtains daily and air out your home whenever possible. Bring as much sunlight as you can into your space every day.

Bowl of water: Try placing some large bowls of water around your house to absorb negative energy. See how it affects your energy.

Crystals: Place your chosen crystals with intentions in different places around your house, such as under the mattress or in the bookshelves. See more on page 109.

Incense sticks: Wave incense in each corner of your space, repeating a mantra or intent such as peace, love, joy or optimism and clarity.

Fresh flowers: Place some fresh flowers in your house, whether from the garden or the florist.

Indoor plants: Look at adding terrariums, succulents or any simple indoor plants in to your space to cleanse the air and energy.

Make it yours: Surround your space with things you love. Photos, art, knick knacks, whatever reminds you of the people and moments that you love.

Shannon Cox is an Australian author who was diagnosed with a stress disorder in 2013 leaving her unable to walk. With no medical solutions on how to fix this, she began researching alternative options when she stumbled upon kinesiology and Energy Medicine. What she thought would be a method of healing her body, turned out to be a range of activities connecting her with her intuition and healing herself.


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