Chakra Cleansing

I love chakra cleansing.  It has helped me grow so much & also understand more about my energetic body.  I started using Donna Eden’s method from her Energy medicine book on myself.  In the shower, in front of the fire, in the car, even before I went to sleep.  Here are some simple ways to try this for yourself:

I started by using my body as a pendulum to work out which chakra’s needed to be cleansed. (see page ##)
Just ask by touching each chakra & then stating “This chakra is clean and balanced”.
If you get a yes, this means it is clean & balanced and you can move onto the next chakra.
If you get a no, start circling your left hand over the chakra about 2” out, in a clockwise motion.
At first this may feel awkward, as you are going against the natural flow of the chakra.  You may find a memory or feeling may come to mind as you are cleaning.  This ‘cleaning’ continues until you feel a release or relaxing sensation.  You can also ask for a sign that your chakra is cleaned whether it is a smile, or simply an inner knowing.
Once you feel ready, reverse the direction, to help the chakra go back to it’s normal flow.  Continue this for however long until it feels ‘right’ (Normally 2-3 minutes).  Trust your intuition & go with what feels right to you.  Once this is done, move to the next chakra & ask if it is clean & balanced.

As I developed my technique, I found quicker & easier ways to do a quick cleanse of my chakra system.
Ask your soul, guides  & source to align all of your chakras with your soul.  Visualise your energetic body coming back into alignment. Then ask for all your chakras to be cleansed & balanced.  Repeat this with your aura – asking for it to be aligned with your soul & then cleansed & balanced.

Practise by placing your hands on your chakra to see if you feel a happy or sad feeling. This is an easy way to know if it is cleansed.