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Energy Testing

Muscle testing is an easy way to get a visual indication of your bodies energy and what affects its strength. Try holding different foods and using a water jug, you can see how these foods can affect your physical energy either making it stronger or weaker. This is a fun way to start playing with […]

Universe to do list

Have you felt overwhelmed at any stage by just how much needed to be done in your life? This is a beautiful activity, where you consciously hand control over to the universe. Get a piece of paper & jot down all the things you are happy for the universe to look after. This can be […]

Past Lives

  This exercise is a fun way to reconnect to your past lives & see what you can remember. The theory of reincarnation has existed for thousands of years, from ancient Greek, Celtic, Asian & Indian cultures. As you delve into your own past lives, you will find stories that explain many of your own […]


A very simple way to cleanse your spirit is with an oil burner and a selection of essential oils. This is also a method to access your energetic body and help with your healing process.  These essential oils have their own vibration and can assist your energetic body to heal. I simply hover my hand […]