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Your Healing Space

This activity is a beautiful visualisation/meditation where you can create your soul healing temple. This is a magical space you can come to whenever you wish to heal your soul and energetic system. Firstly choose a natural space you wish to build this temple such as a mountain, island, beach or forest. Whatever feels relaxed […]

Releasing Beliefs

This has been hands down one of the simplest ways I have transformed my life. This activity works on the basis that there are things you believe that are not entirely true. ¬†This could be fears you have that you cannot explain, when you worry about the future, or past events that have shaped who […]

Psychic Cords

These are like hoses that psychically connect two people who then direct energy between each other. We are constantly creating cords with people & even animals & objects. These cords are not intentional, & whoever creates it, may be completely unaware it even exists. There are the gorgeous love cords filled with all that brings […]