Automatic Writing Fun Ideas

I have a love hate relationship with automatic writing.

When I am in the mood, & start writing – woah!  The stuff that comes through can be sooooo insightful.  The big thing I have to remember is not to judge myself too harshly.

You know the little critic that can come along & say how that sounds a bit silly.

I now have a new frame of mind for my automatic writing – called gobledy-gook.

Basically, I give myself full permission for whatever comes out of my pen to sound like gibberish.  I promise my ego I’m not going to judge it, there is no structure required, I give full freedom to just allow whatever wishes to flow out of my pen.

And, oh my gosh, it works!!

For anyone who hasn’t tried Automatic writing before, here is a beginner’s guide on how to try automatic writing.

Want to play more?  Here are some simple fun ways to expand on your automatic writing skill.  State a clear intention before you start writing.

  • Ask for an Akashic Record Reading about your soul’s lessons.
  • Do a full body scan & ask your guides to explain any issues as well as suggested simple healing ideas.
  • What foods your body is wanting more of.
  • Ways to relax & unwind.
  • Your soul contract.
  • Past life stories.
  • Positive affirmations you need at the moment.
  • An astrological reading for the upcoming week/month.
  • Ask an archangel a question
  • Connect with your starseed or soul family.

Ok they should keep you busy for a little while.  Would love to hear who else plays with automatic writing & what you find works for you.

Have fun!



Shannon Cox is an Australian author who was diagnosed with a stress disorder in 2013 leaving her unable to walk. With no medical solutions on how to fix this, she began researching alternative options when she stumbled upon kinesiology and Energy Medicine. What she thought would be a method of healing her body, turned out to be a range of activities connecting her with her intuition and healing herself.