A very simple way to cleanse your spirit is with an oil burner and a selection of essential oils.

This is also a method to access your energetic body and help with your healing process.  These essential oils have their own vibration and can assist your energetic body to heal.

I simply hover my hand over my collection of oils & see which bottles I feel drawn to.

Open the cap & have a smell. You know you are on the right track when you find the smell to be beautiful & inviting.

Pop 4-6 drops into your oil burner with some filtered water & allow all 4 of your bodies to enjoy the aromas.


  • Use your intuition to put together a blend of essential oils for today.  Ask your intuition for what will best assist your body to feel…. (fill in the blanks).  ie Rested, clarity, or energised.
  • Look up on the internet what the essential oils you have been drawn to & what they are renowned for spiritually.
  • Pop together your own range of body scrubs, toners or body product with this essential oil/oil blend.
  • My fave Body scrub is a combo of brown sugar, almond oil & essential oils.  Add a little bit of lemon zest for a real foodie smell or jojoba for luxurious treat.
  • A simple toner is Witchhazel with a touch of distilled water & again your choice of essential oils.

Shannon Cox is an Australian author who was diagnosed with a stress disorder in 2013 leaving her unable to walk. With no medical solutions on how to fix this, she began researching alternative options when she stumbled upon kinesiology and Energy Medicine. What she thought would be a method of healing her body, turned out to be a range of activities connecting her with her intuition and healing herself.