About Me

Oh my gosh…. Do you know how hard it is to write an about me?  With just a few paragraphs to describe how you see yourself!

My name is Shannon.  I am a Mum in my 30’s living in Regional queensland with my husband and 2 kids.  We manage a Steakhouse and motel together.

I also love designing….. making beautiful things such as clothes with soul, diaries about manifesting and books about intuition.

My life is hectic.  My life has always been busy until 2013 when my body started reacting in an unusual way.  It started with an itchy lip for no reason – I thought maybe it was a cold sore!  My doctor figured it was something to do with my nervous system as there was no reason for this spot to be itchy.

Then I started reacting physically when I was surprised, like an uncontrollable spasm.  Next was the loss of control of my bladder and finally as I was going for MRI’s, my legs were wobbling uncontrollably.  I looked like I had parkinsons.  Murmurs of Multiple Sclerosis were mentioned around me.  I was sent to the Neurological department in Toowoomba where they noted that all my tests were coming back healthy.

I on the other hand needed to hold someone’s hand to be able to walk to the toilet and was now wearing incontinance pads.  It turned out I had psychogenic Myoclonus which they believe was onset by stress & anxiety.

There is not much that can be done medically for this.  The biggest hurdle is to realise that somehow this is being caused from within your body.  This is not a disease, my body is functional, but the way I was living was causing my body to stop functioning normally.

I had to basically relinquish myself of all stress and work out step by step how to heal my body.  My husband was amazing.  He took on the responsibilities of our business while I started researching what options there were for me to heal.

One of the biggest tools I discovered was muscle testing.  It gave me a way to understand the different reactions happening in my body.  In the beginning, as I would tense up for whatever reason, I would lose the ability to walk normally.  I knew that the answers I was looking for were in my body, I just had to find a way to understand them.

And so I began reading, and learning about numerous holistic techniques – energy medicine, reiki, and kinesiology.  I learnt about chakra cleansing, meditation, and the way my energy is effected by my surroundings.  As I cleansed my space, not only was my body behaving, I was relaxing.  I was learning to trust myself, to believe in myself and to listen to myself as to what was the best answer.

After living a life, where I thought the answers were out there & living with low self esteem, it was incredibly empowering to realise I knew what was best for me & I no longer have to concern myself with other peoples expectations or requirements of me.

It is still a learning journey.  I still have days where my legs misbehave, where I have self doubt and where I wonder what in the hell am I doing.  However the tools I have gathered along the way, help me centre myself and connect with what is important to me.

I wanted to share these.  They have been invaluable to me & my hope is they can help you.  This website is filled with some of my favourite activities.  There is a free manifesting course which introduces some of the basics of these tools.  And our facebook group is a place where you can share your journey and find like-minded souls.  If you are looking for some quick guidance, try our intuitive fun page.

Thanks so much for joining me on this ride & I hope you find the answers you are looking for.