About Me

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I could start with Mum, Wife, Aussie, living in the Country…. but where is the fun in that?

I love trying new things and pushing my boundaries. Learning to ride my motorbike and how to use a wakeboard. Had a hoot with my 8yo’s peewee. Sooooo much fun!

Love acting, wearing my heart on my sleeve with the sole goal to make the audience feel something. That is an extraordinary feeling.

I love creating and playing – Turning apple boxes into bookshelves, old windows into artwork on the wall or just hanging up pictures & photos I love wherever I can. Creating a home I love & can hang out in.

I am a food demon – I saw this saying the other day, I am only a handful of treats away from being your best friend. Yes. Taste Testing extroadinaire right here.

I started playing with my intuition a few years back. I got sick. Lost the ability to walk or control my bladder. Not fun! Turned out this was a stress disorder. I had to learn how to heal my body and also repair the way I looked at life. And what you see today is the end result of this.

I cleanse my chakras…. daily. I like the idea of meditating & trying to do this daily. I looooove manifesting and seeing what I can invite into my world. This is definitely daily & a hoot. And I check in with my body daily to see where I am holding tension and release it. My body and I are best friends again. There have been no relapses and I feel stronger and healthier then I ever have. I also am much more happier as me.

I believe we all have the power connect with our intuition and as a part of that, discover who we are & heal our pain. This space is where I collect all the activities that helped me in the hope that they help someone else too.

Enjoy, & have fun.