The Erthn Journey

Come find out how this all started & what we are all about.

Energy Testing

Muscle testing is an easy way to get a visual indication of your bodies energy and what affects its strength. Try holding different foods and using a water jug, you can see how these foods can affect your physical energy either making it stronger or weaker. This is a fun way to start playing with […]

Your Healing Space

This activity is a beautiful visualisation/meditation where you can create your soul healing temple. This is a magical space you can come to whenever you wish to heal your soul and energetic system. Firstly choose a natural space you wish to build this temple such as a mountain, island, beach or forest. Whatever feels relaxed […]

Releasing Beliefs

This has been hands down one of the simplest ways I have transformed my life. This activity works on the basis that there are things you believe that are not entirely true.  This could be fears you have that you cannot explain, when you worry about the future, or past events that have shaped who […]


Once you are comfortable with energy testing using the water jug, you can start asking questions without holding the food. Here is a basic list of nutritional foods. Ask your intuition if there is anything your body would like more of, what it would like less of as well as anything you should avoid completely. […]

Your Spirit Guide

You are not alone, my dear gorgeous one. There are a few who have joined you on this journey, to help you achieve your soul’s purpose. Your guides are a little bit different to your soul or higher self. They are sort of like a guardian angel who have chosen to join you on this […]

Change the Story

When we look back at what lead us to this place, there may be regrets, blame, thoughts that other people could have treated you better. The part we continue to overlook is how all these things needed to happen for you to be where you are today. These are your memories & the easiest way […]

Universe to do list

Have you felt overwhelmed at any stage by just how much needed to be done in your life? This is a beautiful activity, where you consciously hand control over to the universe. Get a piece of paper & jot down all the things you are happy for the universe to look after. This can be […]